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Realistic Lip & Jewelry Drawing With Charcoal Pencil

Realistic Lip & Jewelry Drawing With Charcoal Pencil

In this part of the tutorial, in addition to the technique, the sketching of the lips and jewelry is also taught.


The charcoal technique, especially drawing in the style of Real and Hyper Real, has attracted a lot of attention from audiences and art lovers today. It is possible to learn this beautiful technique with relatively simple tools at a moderate cost for anyone with a bit of drawing background. The high contrast of the paintings due to the pencils and charcoal used in this technique is one of the special features of these types of paintings that doubles the beauty of the work.

In this training course, we went to a draw a kind of animal and chose a cute kitten sitting in an old shoe. The reason for this choice, apart from the beauty of the model, is the potential of the model to teach animal hair and the texture of a leather shoe.

We begin the first chapter by learning how to draw a special lip design that has a jewel with a diamond inside the metal frame inside the mouth, making it a unique and relatively versatile model for teaching.

In this part of the tutorial, in addition to the technique, the sketching of the lips and jewelry is also taught.

After the primary sketch of the lip, we go to the charcoal technique and during some following steps we learn to create volume and shade the lip, and then we go to create the texture and wrinkles on the lip.

After that, we will learn how to draw the jewel inside the jewelry, by learning it, the student can perform different types of crystal textures.

After sketching the diamond, we go to the jewel's designed metal frame and shape it.

In all stages of the work, we get acquainted with the types of chiaroscuro tools and their use and how to use them.

Course Information

Faber-Castel Conte pencils, hard and soft
Paris Conte Carbon B2 pencil
Charcoal (Crtia color)
Rough flat tip brushes
Soft flat tip brush
Different types of erasers (dough, etude, brush, electronic)
Sharpener, Cutter, Ruler, Sanding
Fabriano cardboard 220 g (low gram and no texture)

Get acquainted with the material of Conte and charcoal and be able to perform simple faces with smooth and textureless skin
How to draw each of face components with charcoal technique
The students learns about the implementation of lifeless nature with different textures and materials

There is no age limit for students, and this course is suitable for children from 12 years to adults who are interested and are able to recognize volume and texture and are somewhat familiar with primary sketching.
This course is designed for students interested in drawing, especially monochrome paintings with attractive charcoal technique
All students who are relatively familiar with drawing or who have already taken our sketching course can use the training in this course and be able to improve their artistic level by using more advanced levels of charcoal drawing course.

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