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Redux Recipes

Redux Recipes

In this course, you’ll explore advanced state management techniques, router integration, and other common problems that you might encounter while developing your applications.


Develop complex and maintainable web applications using Redux

State management is absolutely critical in providing users with a well-crafted experience with minimal bugs. Redux provides a solid, stable, and mature solution to managing state in your React application.

In this course, you’ll explore advanced state management techniques, router integration, and other common problems that you might encounter while developing your applications. The recipe-based approach allows you to quickly identify your problem and find a solution to it. This course also consists of various recipes that will help you to understand different test-case scenarios created in Redux.

Once you are well-acquainted with Redux, the course will explicitly show you how they work in developing a consistent application with React.

The code bundle for this video course is available at

About the Author

Medhat Dawoud is a Front-end Engineer with over a decade of experience in web applications.
He has successfully delivered a lot of web applications implemented in different programming languages and in different industries including fintech. Early in his career, he became a fully dedicated Front-end Engineer. He also has experience with Node.js, as he loves everything that JavaScript touches.
Throughout his career, he worked in almost everything that counts as a front-end technology including JQuery, Backbone.js, Angular.js, React, Vue, and Angular 2+ since it was in RC4. He is also experienced with the stack behind each framework including ES6+, TypeScript, Babeljs, Redux, RxJS, and other UI technologies including HTML5, CSS3+, Sass, and Bootstrap 4.
He has a lot of experience of teaching technology to people through public speaking, screencasting, crash courses, and sometimes blog posts. He is very active online, making technical tutorials on his channel on YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Twitter handle:

Course Information

The video is for JavaScript developers who want to create high performing web applications with Redux. If you are a React developer, the recipes contained in the video will help you to take your web apps to the next level by combining it with Redux. Even if you’re already using Redux, it has some great practices to follow

Build an application and understand the concept of state management in general
Get to know in detail the different recipes for applying Redux into your application
Build a middleware and also find out to debug with ReduxDevtools
Work with Deeply Nested Data by using real-world data as an example
Design your Redux architecture before implementation and know the best practices to structure folders/files
Write unit tests in Redux for different functions, actions, and reducers

The perfect student knows some JS, HTML, and CSS, but hopes to learn a new web development framework to significantly boost their skills.
All levels of coding. However this won’t introduce coding from the ground up, so complete beginners might find it fast-paced.

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