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SALE OF GOODS CONTRACT: Buyer & Sellers Obligations

SALE OF GOODS CONTRACT: Buyer & Sellers Obligations

The course has downloadable summary notes to guide you as you go along


Buying and selling relations are often intended to achieve the passing of property or rights in relation to the goods that form the basis of the given relations. The problem is that the parties may not have the same objectives when getting into such relations, hence the need to have the relations summarized as a contract, but what contract?

They are just as many types of contract as the nature of business agreements. In this course, we focus on contracts relating to selling and buying goods. The question of what goods are and how they affect contract is important for without knowing exactly what kind of goods you are dealing with you will not be in a position to legally stipulate the exact moment the risk in relation to those goods move from the seller to the buyer.

The course is structured in such a way that you learn what these contracts are all about, from their formation, precise moment when goods move from the seller to the buyer all the way to what you can sue for if the other party decides to breach their duty in the given contract.

The course has downloadable summary notes to guide you as you go along

Course Information

Interest in business aspects and the legal aspects that relate to how business transactions are undertaken

Nature of sale of a good contract
Formation of sale of goods contract
Transfer of property from seller to buyer
Sale by person not the owner
Performance of the contract
In the event of breach what actions can you take?

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