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Scribus The Complete Course

Scribus The Complete Course

This is how a vector image can resize without loss of quality, unlike image files composed of pixels.


Scribus Software:

Scribus is a free desktop publishing software used to create high-quality documents that are intended to be printed or viewed digitally. It is an ideal software to make the layout and create its graphic documents. Equivalent to the InDesign software of the Adobe series, Scribus has nothing to envy to its famous competitor, indeed the possibilities are impressive. The software is professional level can manage profiles ICC profiles that are PDF rendering engines. It allows of course to export his work under different file including the PDF and image format. It is also possible to manage its CMYK or RGB color mode according to the destination of its document, for printing or for the web. Scribus also allows you to manipulate vector images that are composed of individual geometric objects and geometric primitives. This is how a vector image can resize without loss of quality, unlike image files composed of pixels.

What you can do with Scribus:

The choice is wide with Scribus, you can create a wide range of graphic document because the software is very versatile. Of course, it puts a special emphasis on the layout of texts, photos, logos, etc ... You will be able to make complete presentations of several pages. You can make layout of magazine, photo book or digital book. Next to that you can create all the basic graphic documents such as business cards, postcards, book covers, flyers, banners, social media posts, thumbnails for videos, photo montages , resumes, project presentations and more ...

The course:

In this training I will teach you how to master Scribus in detail by studying all the features point by point. I will show you all the possibilities of Scribus and all its interest. You will learn how to manage the entire interface, how to use each tool, how to manage text, insert images, manage pages, templates, layers and more ... In the last module we will work on concrete examples to take up all the points.

Course Information

You need to install Scribus on your computer

Understand the dashboard
Create and save document
Master the different tools
Manage the shapes
Manage the colors
Manage the pages
Use the masters
Integrate colors and strokes
Import and edit images
Add and edit text
Create layout
Create graphic document

Those interested in learning to build websites using open-source and free tools should take this course.
Those familiar with WordPress, who need a deeper understanding of how all the parts fit together, should take this course.
Those new to Wordpress, but looking for a complete system for creating and managing professional websites for clients or themselves, should take this course.

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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