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Social Media in the Workplace Course

Social Media in the Workplace Course

E-Courses4you are here to bring you our Social Media in the Workplace Course to help you understand social media and how to communicate in the right way!


We are being flooded with Social Media invitations and updates. Web-based communication icons like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are dominating the way we interact with each other. People are feeling the need to be updated at all times. It has become a time eater, and businesses are quickly becoming aware of the drain it can have on productivity. People love to share, but they need to know what is alright to share and what should not be sent out.

Course Information

Understanding Social Media is about communicating the right way. We are beginning to communicate more through electronic means than face to face. Talking on a phone has been replaced more and more with SMS (texting.) Social media channels are becoming the main form of communication and participants will realize how Social media and the Workplace can work together.

Learning Objectives

Some of the Key Learning Objectives of Social Media Training course is:
Learn the meaning of social media
Learn different ways social media is used and altered
Build and maintain a social media policy
Keeping your social media secure
Establishing rules for the social media the company posts
Discover the benefits and pitfalls of using social media
Course Curriculum

Module One: Getting Started
Module Two: What is Social Media?
Module Three: Defining Your Social Media Policy (I)
Module Four: Defining Your Social Media Policy (II)
Module Five: Creating a Living Document
Module Six: Keeping an Eye on Security
Module Seven: Rules to Follow When Posting (I)
Module Eight: Rules to Follow When Posting (II)
Module Nine: Benefits of Social media
Module Ten: The Pitfalls of Social Media
Module Eleven: Listen to Your Customers
Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

There are no precise requirements for Social Media Training Certificate as no prior knowledge and experience of Social Media is required. Students seeking to enrol for this course should meet the following requirements; Basic knowledge of English Language & Basic Computer Skills. Be age 16 years or above.

After completing the course/training, you will be able to grip yourself with specific knowledge and skills with the highest level of confidence to improve yourself and enhance the skills for your career in the relevant employment sector.

You are able to pay in full upfront, or in monthly installments (subject to a credit check.) 

Course Specifications

Online education is electronically supported learning that relies on the Internet for teacher/student interaction. 

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Course duration is from 2 days to 1 week.

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