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Teacher Training: Become An Adjunct University Professor

Teacher Training: Become An Adjunct University Professor

The course can also benefit existing Adjunct University Professors who want to enhance their teaching skills & performance.


What is the course about?

Have you ever considered becoming an University Professor? in a live classroom?
Do you have skills and experience that, if shared, can make a difference in someone's life?
This course teaches someone how to become an Adjunct University Professor in a live classroom even if they have never taught before.
The course can also benefit existing Adjunct University Professors who want to enhance their teaching skills & performance.


Adjunct "part time" university instructors are being hired by universities more than ever before. Adjunct Professors number approximately 1-1.5 million in the US alone. Up to 50 - 85% of university faculty staff are adjuncts - especially in community colleges. Even elite private universities like Georgetown University have more than 50% of their faculty staff as adjuncts.

What kind of materials are included?

The course consists of 38 video lectures which include the following:

Student testimonials of actual students
Funny Movie clips used to emphasize key points
Live in-class instruction video clips of Professor Lacouture in action!
There are +5 hours of content to complete.
Why take this course?

Take this course if you ever dreamed of becoming an university professor in a live classroom....this course will teach you how!
Take this course if you are already an Adjunct University Professor and want to improve your teaching skills and performance

Course Information

Desire to teach others

Describe the World of Academia in Higher Education
Explain what an Adjunct University Professor is and why they are important to universities
Describe the kinds of people who want to become one & why
Explain why teaching and sharing knowledge is so important
Describe what the characteristics & qualifications are to become an Adjunct Professor and to feel confident that you can become one
Explain the importance and necessity of research & extensive study
Create & develop your “teaching philosophy/style” & classroom culture”
Explain “who” your students are how they learn, and how to teach them as Adult Learners
Explain the different types of jobs that exist and in what types of schools
Get a job as an adjunct university professor, even if you have never taught before
Describe how much money you can make
Explain various types of Teaching approaches, methods, & techniques for LIVE in class instruction.
Use Technology & Social Media to enhance the learning experience and your adjunct career
Fairly assess/grade your students learning, grade exams and assignments
Respond well to student evaluations; what to expect, how you need to view feedback and take action
Explain & act upon applying the business concept of “Customer Experience” to optimizing your students “Learning Experience”
Explain & act upon the new teaching concept of “Education Purpose Centered Teaching”
Undertake the steps to strengthen your existing adjunct career

For those who want to pursue an adjunct career as a “hobby” and/or “part-time” job and want to avoid the painful learning curve and complete “trial and error” approach to their first teaching job
For existing “full-time” adjunct professors who want to strengthen their knowledge and skills in order to become an even better instructor and improve their students’ learning & academic results
Masters/PhD Graduates or existing students who are interested in becoming an adjunct professor and have ambitions to have a career in teaching or academia
University Administrators who hire and manage adjunct faculty and have an interest in the development, preparation and success of their new and existing adjunct faculty

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Course Specifications

Start your journey in Teaching and Childcare with courses in teacher training. 

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Adult education is the non-credential activity of gaining skills and improved education. 

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Online education is electronically supported learning that relies on the Internet for teacher/student interaction. 

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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