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The 5-Step Program For Generating A Loving Intimate Relationship

The 5-Step Program For Generating A Loving Intimate Relationship

Do not be afraid, these 5 tips help you have an Ioving intimate relationship with your partner.


You want to attract someone who is right for you and you for them. You want a long-term relationship with a mate who will love you for who you are, cherish you and your time together, and plan a life with you that will bring both of you joy.

But how do you go about finding that special someone and developing a long-lasting and intimate relationship? You want to find someone who is compatible with you, and you want to keep from having a broken heart if the attraction doesn't work out. This course guides you in using your imagination to look within first and assess what you have to offer and what you're truly looking for in a mate. This is Step #1. All the other steps must follow this one.

Once you know yourself better and know what you're looking for, I share with you many tips on meeting that special someone and dating them. I teach you about starting and carrying on a conversation so you'll seem like a brilliant conversationalist as well as techniques for sharing your thoughts, feelings and opinions so your potential mate will get to know you as well as you get to know them.

Once the magic of a new relationship wears off and you're considering a long-term connection, what should you consider before committing to a mate? What subjects should you discuss so you're not unpleasantly surprised in the future? What are the ingredients for a successful relationship? All of these questions are answered in depth.

And just as the sun rises and sets every day, every intimate relationship has its ups and downs. You'll learn how to argue with your mate without damaging the relationship and what the best rules are for arguing. If your mate is doing something you don't like that you want to see changed, I teach you the 4-part "I" statement to explain why it's a problem to you and what you want them to do instead.

Unfortunately, not every intimate relationship works out. In the last section of this course, I explain step-by-step how to exit a relationship as gracefully as possible without bad feelings. Especially if you have children together or a wonderful relationship with your in-laws, you will want to create a positive relationship for everyone's benefit.

With each section, you will receive at least one exercise to complete in order to incorporate what you've learned into your own life. I suggest that you write the exercises in a notebook to help you work through the principles and skills I'm teaching so you can see where you are and how to apply them to your life and daily interactions with others.

All of my courses contain guided visualizations and songs throughout. My courses are intended to take you on a personal journey to understanding yourself and guiding you on a dynamic path of self-discovery to greater self-esteem and self-confidence. I hope you join me!

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Learn how to argue with your mate without damaging the relationship and what the best rules are for arguing.
What should you consider before committing to a mate?
How to create a positive relationship for everyone's benefit

You have a passion to help others improve their relationships
You are a coach, counselor, workshop facilitator or speaker and want to add additional tools to your offerings and services
You like to have a structure to follow and a step-by-step system with proven results
You want to expand your credibility through becoming a certified relationship workshop facilitator
You are a coach, counselor or therapist that wants additional expertise and resources to enhance your clients’ relationships

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