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When faced with an emotional or other challenge, can you muster the tenacity and determination to soldier on, or do you feel so helpless that you simply surrender?


This course is all about building a BULLETPROOF MINDSET so that individuals and teams are more resilient and are better able to bounce back form life's inevitable set-backs.

Can you usually shake off setbacks, or do you suffer a meltdown?

When faced with an emotional or other challenge, can you muster the tenacity and determination to soldier on, or do you feel so helpless that you simply surrender?

If you have an argument with your significant other, does it cast a pall on the remainder of your day, or are you able to recover quickly and put it behind you?

When you're knocked back on your heels, do you bounce back and throw yourself into the ring of life again, or do you melt into a puddle of depression and resignation?

Do you respond to setbacks with energy and determination, or do you give up?

Some people and teams are fast to recover from adversity. Others are slow to recover and are crippled by adversity.


THE BULLETPROOF MINDSET ('THE ME') is aimed at giving participants a toolkit of inner skills to navigate their high pressure realities. They learn skills for maintaining an optimistic and healthy perspective through difficult times, methods for managing and sustaining energy for optimal performance, how to access and use mental imagery to enhance resilience and a strategy to remain engaged during challenges. These inner skills transform the stress and pressure inherent in moving forward into a growth experience.

THE BULLETPROOF MINDSET ('THE WE') is also aimed at building strong and cohesive teams by creating a bulletproof culture. Participants learn how to create psychological safety and encourage a growth mindset; how to use empathy to break down silos; how to ignite motivation and inspiration, how to encourage innovative thinking; how to coach and develop their people. All of this is done through learning the latest from the cognitive sciences.

Course Information

No prior knowledge, skills or understanding is needed. All the concepts and skills presented in this course is explained in an easy-to-understand format, but without losing any of the key scientific underpinnings
All materials are included in the course, except for pen and paper to take notes
There are exercises strategically placed in the course to aid with retention and reflection of the material. Students are highly encouraged to complete the exercises

One of the tougher challenges professionals face is the ability to remain reflective and objective in demanding situations. They know that being in a distressed state of mind serves no value and can even make things worse. By understanding some of the fundamentals of the brain’s inner-workings and using that knowledge in their daily lives can mean the difference between succeeding and failing.

People who share similar background respond in dramatically different ways to the same life event. Some are resilient in the face of stress, while others fall apart. The latter becomes anxious, depressed, or unable to function with they encounter adversity. Resilient people are somehow able not only to withstand but to benefit from certain kinds of stressful events and to turn adversity into advantage.

THE BULLETPROOF MINDSET is about building personal resilience to manage yourself, manage others and manage difficult situations
THE BULLETPROOF MINDSET is about becoming resilient through agile thinking, brain science and adopting a growth mindset
THE BULLETPROOF MINDSET is about learning how to bounce-back from life’s inevitable set-backs
THE BULLETPROOF MINDSET is about becoming mentally and physically more robust, resilient & reflective

For leaders, entrepreneurs, working professionals, & students..
If you can answer 'yes' to one or more of the following questions, then this course is for you.
Do you want to develop a BULLETPROOF MINDSET to be mentally more resilient and robust?
Do you want to be better at bouncing back from life's inevitable setbacks?
Do you have an interest in self development and personal growth?
Do you want to learn to deal effectively with stress and anxiety?
Do you want to learn skills to tame and train your undisciplined brain?
Do you want to have a better understanding of how your brain works?
Do you want to learn how to create strong, cohesive and resilient teams?
Do you want to know how to create psychological safety on your team?
Do you want to reduce the silo-mentality in your organisation and increase empathy and understanding?
Do you want to be better and inspiring and motivating people?
Do you want to create a more innovative culture amongst your people?
Do you want to be better to communicate and collaborate with your team?

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