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The Guide To Agile And Scrum - First Steps To Become A Successful Scrum Master Or Product Owner

The Guide To Agile And Scrum - First Steps To Become A Successful Scrum Master Or Product Owner

This course covers all the concepts of the latest Scrum guide but in an easy to understand, visual and effective way. I know you will get great value from it.


The guide to learn Scrum properly. The strong foundations to be able to move to advanced topics.

Are you looking to take a scrum certification or to learn Scrum properly to become a successful Scrum Master, Product Owner or Scrum team member?

Did you know that many Scrum implementations fail because of wrong assumptions and lack basic but key knowledge of the Scrum Framework?

In this class we will go together through the key knowledge of Scrum that you must learn well and understand correctly in order to become a great Product Owner, Scrum Master or Scrum developer.

Many people want to start the journey to Scrum but they don’t know how to start.

This course covers all the concepts of the latest Scrum guide but in an easy to understand, visual and effective way. I know you will get great value from it.

With the challenges and final cheat sheet and assessment you will be able to validate your knowledge and gain confidence to speak loud about scrum at work, in a job interview or answer exam questions.

If you find this interesting, start this class now.

Congratulations! You read all the class description! What are you waiting? Start this class now.

If you have any questions, please start a discussion in the course and do not hesitate to leave me a question.

About me

Hi my name is Ignacio.

My main goal is to help you with new knowledge that you can apply at work and be a successful and professional leader.

I led, coached, led and managed Agile projects and scrum teams since 2005 for customers from all over the world.

During my career of intensive learning I got many advanced scrum certifications including Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master, Certified Professional Scrum Product Owner and Certified Agile Leadership.

I worked 15 years as a Professor for Agile Methodologies and Systems design.

I love to teach Agile and Scrum and I designed a lot of hours of training that I am bringing online. I prefer to teach with games and activities that can simulate the real world.

I trained hundreds of students in Agile that became top professionals in the industry.

Teaching what I learned in my 20 years of experience allows the students to gain realistic learning that they can apply at work.

Course Information

You do not need any previous knowledge
This course is specifically for:

People looking to learn Scrum from the beginning
People struggling with Scrum that need to re-learn it in the proper way
People that want to understand Scrum as described in the Scrum Guide
People looking to take scrum exams
People that is comfortable with concepts and theory
This course is not suitable for:

People that already know the Scrum Framework very well
People looking for techniques, methods and tools to apply in Scrum
People that wants shortcuts and just practical directions to avoid theory

Scrum Framework:

What is Scrum?
What Scrum Framework is
Uses of Scrum
When to use Scrum
The Scrum Pillars for Empirical process control
Scrum Values
Scrum Roles:

Product Owner
Scrum Master
Development team
Scrum Team
Interaction with stakeholders and organization
Scrum Roles self-assessment
Scrum Events

Cancelling a Sprint
Sprint Planning
Daily Scrum
Sprint Review
Sprint Retrospective
Scrum Events Agenda and Calendar

Challenge: Create Scrum teams’ agenda
Scrum Artifacts

Product Backlog
Product Backlog Refinement
Monitoring Product Goals
Sprint Backlog
Monitoring the Sprint progress
Product Increment
Definition of Done
Template of Definition of Done

Anyone who wants a complete overview of Scrum and certainty that they are getting the facts
A candidate preparing for a Scrum certification
A candidate who wants answers to frequently misunderstood points within Scrum

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