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The Universe As We Know It

The Universe As We Know It

That gave me a drive to create a course that can help anyone to remind what lies beyond. I personally enjoyed making this course.


Hello all !!

I came up with this course due to an extremely amusing encounter. My 7 Years old daughter found a very old textbook of mine which included Pluto as the 9th planet & she asked me why she can't see it in her textbooks. So I explained her the good old story of Pluto loosing its planet status in 2005. That gave me a drive to create a course that can help anyone to remind what lies beyond. I personally enjoyed making this course. Following are some important points covered

Our solar system including comets,dwarf planets and asteroids
Comprehensive description of all the 8 planets and the sun
Cosmic definitions like black hole,black body, CMB radiation, Supernova, Nebula, Kuiper belts, Oort cloud etc
The NAVAGRAHA system in Hindu astrology
Mysterious events,objects and anomalies in the universe like Oumuamua, The great attractor, Boomerang nebula etc
Brief description of all the major attempts made by mankind to the space
Achievements in the field of astronomy and cosmology (The 1st pic of BLACK HOLE)
If by going through this course, you end up looking deep into the night sky, that would be a total WIN for us.

Best Regards

Basic knowledge
Just a keen & curious mind :)

Course Information

Just a keen & curious mind :)

Solar system - The Sun,The Planets, Moons, Asteroid belts and dwarf planets
Enigmatic events and celestial anomalies
Human feats in the universe, Missions,probes and space explorations
Brief description of Navagraha system of Hinduism

Anybody interested to know how the clock of universe ticks !!

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