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Theory Of Computation (TOC)

Theory Of Computation (TOC)

This course will help you to solve the problems which are asked in GATE exam.


Course Information:

This is an introductory course on the theory of computation intended for undergraduate students in computer science. In this course, we will introduce various models of computation and study their power and limitations. We will also explore the properties of corresponding language classes defined by these models and the relations between them. It is designed based on the syllabus given by GATE Computer Science exam.

Why Enroll:

Theory of computation is mainly concerned with the study of how problems can be solved using algorithms. These studies are used to understand the way an algorithm is meant to work and to actually prove it work through analyzing problems that may arise with the technique used and finding solutions to these problems. This course will help you to solve the problems which are asked in GATE exam.

Career Prospects:

Learning this course will help you to make a career in different fields and positions such as

Lecturer (Computer Science)
Research Engineer
Software Engineer
Course Detail:

TheCourse contains a formal connection between algorithmic problem solving and the theory of languages, automata. It also develops them into a mathematical (and less magical) view towards the algorithmic design and in general computation itself. The course should, in addition, clarify the practical view towards the applications of these ideas in the engineering part of CS. This course will cover the language such as Regular Language, Context Free Language, Context Sensitive Language, and Recursively Enumerable sets. It also covers their corresponding grammar and machine.

Basic knowledge
No there is no as such requirement for learning the course proceedings

Course Information

No there is no as such requirement for learning the course proceedings

What will you learn
One can master Finite Automata of Theory of Computation
In-depth understanding of the basics of Theory of Computation concepts
Understanding the need of study of theory of computation
Understanding the advanced concepts of theory of computation like Push Down Automata
One will be able to answer all questions of important exams like GATE, PGEE, ISRO, DFA, BITS HD, etc.
Better understanding of the basic concepts of Computer Science

Anyone who is interested in learning theory of computation and its concepts

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