">">">Ultimate Power Electronics Course Bundle
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Ultimate Power Electronics Course Bundle

Ultimate Power Electronics Course Bundle

"Ultimate Power Electronics Course Bundle"


"Ultimate Power Electronics Course Bundle"

The only course bundle out there with everything you need to know about rectifiers, AC choppers, DC choppers, and inverters

If you've been looking for ONE COURSE BUNDLE with in-depth insight into the basics of power electronics, take this bundle.

Course Information

Basics of electric circuits or you can join my course for complete electric circuits
Passion to learn !

Understand Definition of Power Electronics
Realize different applications of Power electronics
Know different types of Converters
Know different Categories of Power Electronic Devices
Understand different Losses associated with Power Electronics
Difference between Ideal and Practical Switch
Understand Different factors when selecting the Power Electronic device
Understand how Diode Works
Understand the Diode V-I Characteristics
Learn about Different Types of Diodes
Learn how a Thyristor works
Understand Thyristor V-I Characteristics
Understand Different operating states of Thyristor
Know the Latching and Holding Current of Thyristor
Understand different Types of Thyristor
Learn how Fully Controlled Switch works
Understand different Types of Fully Controlled switches
Understand Why GTO is the King of Power Electronics
Understand how Rectifier works
Learn Different Types of Rectifiers for Single Phase
Learn about Half Wave Rectifier R load for both controlled and uncontrolled
Learn about Half Wave Rectifier R-L load for both controlled and uncontrolled
Learn about Half Wave Rectifier R-L load for both controlled and uncontrolled with Free wheeling Diode
Understand the Usage of Freewheeling Diode
Understand the Principle of Firing angle
Understand the Biphase Rectifier
Understand the fully , half controlled and uncontrolled Bridge Rectifier
Understand the Performance Parameters for Rectifier Circuit
Learn about the Power Factor
Learn about the Firing Circuit UJT
Understand the Protection of Power Electronic devices Against Over-current,Over-Voltage and Transient state.
Understand the Series and Parallel Diodes
Learn the Isolation of Firing Circuit using Pulse Transformer
Learn the Isolation of Firing Circuit using OptoCoupler
Understand the definition of AC chopper
Analyze the AC chopper R load circuit
Learn the AC chopper L load circuit
Analyze the AC chopper R-L series load circuit
Understand the AC chopper R-L parallel load circuit
Analyze the AC chopper Capacitive load circuit
Understand the integral cycle control
Learn how to use AC chopper in transformer tap changing
Learn the applications and disadvantages of AC choppers
Analyze the AC chopper loaded by AC Motor


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