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Understanding Empathy

Understanding Empathy

Empathy is the art of seeing the world as someone else sees it. When you have empathy, you can understand what a person is feeling in a given moment, and understand why their actions make sense to them.


Empathy is the art of seeing the world as someone else sees it. When you have empathy, you can understand what a person is feeling in a given moment, and understand why their actions make sense to them.

Empathy is a core component of emotional intelligence. It helps us to communicate our ideas in a way that makes sense to others, and it helps us understand others when they communicate with us. Empathy is one of the key building blocks of great social interaction.

But how do you get empathy?

How do you understand what someone else is feeling if that isn't happening automatically?
How can you work with emotions more effectively?
A lot is talked about regarding empathy, but there is very little practical support to help you to understand empathy and help you to develop your skills in empathy.

By completing this course, you will be able to

Define empathy
Recognise the intelligence in empathy
Describe the way the brain works and how it works with thinking and empathy
Describe ways to demonstrate empathy
Identify empathy through non-verbal signals and body language
Explain the importance of listening in empathy and how to develop your listening skills
Develop ways that you can increase your empathy
There is a practical activity within the course that will help you to identify emotions and meaning in others through non-verbal communication. This will help you understand the impact that emotions have on other people, the way they are expressed and how this drive their reaction to events. Completing this, is a practical way to understand and grow your empathy and build your confidence in developing your interpersonal skills.

Course Information

No prior knowledge is required to get the most from this course
We all have emotions. You will have an interest in understanding your emotions to work more effectively with others and build relationships
A keenness and willingness to grow your empathy skills
An interest in emotional intelligence and how to build it to use it more effectively

Determine the intelligence in empathy
Discover techniques to enhance and improve your empathy
Describe the way the brain works with thinking and empathy
Recognise ways to use listening to grow your skills and build relationships
Identify emotional responses in others that drive their behaviour

You will be in a leadership, management or supervisory role working with teams of people OR you are interested in developing your career i
This emotional Intelligence course is designed for anyone in a leadership position in an organisation who is interested in improving the emotional climate
This course will not be of interest to you if you manage processes and tasks with little focus on the people involved or you are responsible for the performance of a team of robots

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