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Unity In App Purchase Complete Course

Unity In App Purchase Complete Course

The course is completely project based (top down approach), and we are going to create and publish a complete IAP featured game using Unity Game Engine.


About this Course
Enrol Now And Make Your Own In App Purchase Game!

With this course it will never be easier than now to build IAP inside your games!!

This is a course I wish I had when I first started to learn game development.

The course is completely project based (top down approach), and we are going to create and publish a complete IAP featured game using Unity Game Engine.

You will also benefit from my super fast response if you have any issue that you are stuck with(I check Simpliv forums every hour if someone posts a question). and don't forget the great community of my students will be here to help you as well.

All project files will be included and you are free to use them for anything that you like, personal or commercial use!

Lets take a look at the projects that we are going to create inside of this course:

We are going to show you how to Support Handling Multi-Scenes Game with In-App-Purchase using Soomla IAP with the following features:

Store (In-App Purchases)
Multi-Scenes (IAP Across Multiple Scenes)
Soomla (Multi-Scenes Handling)
Step By Step Video Training
Buy NoAds UnLock (Banners, InGame)
Music Purchase (Layered AudioContorller)
Complete Game (Coins, Life, Levels)
Virtual Currency (Coins Example)
Real Money Purchase (5 PlayStore Products)
Purchase With Coins (10+ Virtual Items)
Soomla Storage & User Preferences
Responsive UI (Custom UI and Canvus UI)
StartApp Support
Ads Showing Criteria
Soomla Store:

SOOMLA provides the building blocks for all free-to-play games, you will learn from the basics to the advanced topics related to every area about in app purchase using unity.
Basic knowledge
Unity 5 Game Engine (Free Version)

Course Information

Unity 5 Game Engine (Free Version)

What you will learn
Understand InApp Purchase Concepts in details
Configure Tester Accounts for IAP
Implement In-App Purchase And Sell Virtual Items
Start Making money from your games
Learn How To Use New Unity UI System
Create Menus, Loading Screens, Sliders
Create Animation and Animator
Play Music In Your Game
Manage Audio thru Multilayers among all scenes
Implement Ads And Interstitial Ads
Encript And Save Your Game Data Using Storage and Prefs
Games Testing and Troubleshooting
Publish Your Game On Google Play
Move From Alpha Testing to Production

Unity Beginners
Game Development Beginners
Game Designers and Artists
Experienced Game Developers
Anyone Who Wants To Learn In App Purchase Game Development

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• Certificate on Completion of Course
• No Extra Charges Or Admin Fees
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• High Priority Support After Sales.
• Big Discounts on Individual Courses

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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