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Visualising Data Using Tableau

Visualising Data Using Tableau

The course also delves into some advanced topics likereorganising data using R Programming and then visualising it using Tableau.


Given a dataset, the first step is to be able to visualise the data before we can make any kind of analytics - predictive or prescriptive - based on the data and/or test any hypothesis. Generally, it takes a decent amount of programming to be able to visualise data. Fortunately, we have tools like Tableau, using which data visualisation is very easy and needs no programming.

This is an Introductory Course on Tableau. This course explores various aspects regarding using Tableau; from getting the software, installing it, loading data and creating Data Visualisation. The course discusses various Data Visualisations possible using Tableau through an example.

The course also delves into some advanced topics likereorganising data using R Programming and then visualising it using Tableau.

The course has been designed for Executives and Managers. Every Executive and Manager has to deal with enormous amount of data. Tableau gives a way to quickly make meaning out of this pile of data. The course is also ideal for Researchers and Data Scientists who want to test hypothesis on the data they are dealing with without any programming. The course can be used by Students for their academics and for their upcoming career works.

Tableau is a modern tool for Data Visualisation. As of 01-Aug-2019, Tableau has been acquired by Salesforce. It is developed by Researchers who specialised in Visualisation Techniques for exploring and analysing Relational Databases and Data Cubes. Tableau products query relational databases, online analytical processing cubes, cloud databases, and spreadsheets to generate graph-type data visualisations. The products can also extract, store, and retrieve data from an in-memory data engine. Tableau software is available as a Desktop version and as an Online version.

This course was created during the lockdown due to Coronavirus pandemic. So, this course uses a dataset related to Coronavirus.

Course Information

There is one video which includes some R Code. It would help if some programming knowledge and R programming knowledge is available to understand this aspect

How to obtain and install Tableau Software
How to load data from different Data Sources into Tableau
How to create Data Visualisations using Tableau

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