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Web Elements Design With Photoshop

Web Elements Design With Photoshop

In This Course I'll Walk You Through a Simple Process Where You'll Learn The Methods Of Designing Beautiful Web Elements in Photoshop.


A step by step guide of learning how to design great looking web elements with photoshop/

In This Course I'll Walk You Through a Simple Process Where You'll Learn The Methods Of Designing Beautiful Web Elements in Photoshop.

This Course is Designed To Inspire Your Creativity To Make Beautiful Designs in a Easier Way and in Less Time.

The Skills Learned in This Course Will Help You Develop a Workflow For Creating Beautiful and Simple User Interface or Web Elements.

This Course Has Been Broken Down in 12 Sections and It Includes...

Introduction: This Will Show You a Quick Look Inside The Course Contents and How This Course Works.
Buttons Design: In This Section You Will Start Learning From Basic To Various Styles Of Button Designing. Along With This You'll Also Learn How To Use The Same Techniques To Create More Better Designs With Details.
Navigation Bar Design: This Part Will Show You Different Type Of Navigation Design, Like Flat Design With Details , Light Gradients, Retro Design and Many More.
Forms Design: Here You Will See Various Types Of Forms Designing, Including Flat, Multi-Step and More With Various Styles.
Slider Design: This Section Will Show You Beautiful Slider Designing in Various Style With Many Examples.
Pricing Table Design: In This Part You'll Learn Easiest Ways Of Pricing Table Design With Details.
Media Player Design: This Part Will Show How To Design Stylish Video Players and Music Players For Web.
Timeline UI Design: Timeline Shows How Your Posts Look Like On Your Blog. You'll Learn To Design Beautiful Styles Of Describing Your Post, Make It Look Better and Attractive.
Progress Bars and Toggle Switches: In This Section You'll Learn Simplest Ways Of Designing Progress Bars and Toggle Switches.
Forms UI and Pagination: Here You'll Learn To Design Stylish Forms UI and Pagination. Stylish Pagination Grabs More Attention and Forms UI Make Sign Up Forms Look More Stylish and Detailed.
Using High Quality Resources: In This Section You Will Learn How To Get High Quality Resources For Free Personal or Commercial Use and How To Use Them To Take Your Skills To The Next Level.

Course Information

In This Course You'll Need Some Basic Knowledge Of Adobe Photoshop and The Software Itself

You Will Get To Learn How Some Of The Most Popular UI Elements Are Designed From Scratch
A Workflow That Will Transform Your Idea To a Fully Designed User Interface
You Will Acquire The Knowledge About a Skill set Which is in Much Demand

Beginner Web Designers Looking To Explore The Whole Process Behind Building Web Elements Design.

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Course duration is 24 hours.

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